-Create blocking lists to block unwanted phone calls and texts at specific times of the day or days of the week
-Send a customized text to any number you block

Create unlimited filters (i.e work, ex husband, spammers)

Block by schedule 

Select when to block calls by time and date. Block calls from work when on vacation!!

iTELea call and text blocker

-Spam SMS Blocker on Android! Block text message 
-Call blocker and SMS filter. 
- Block unwanted calls
-Easily block anyone from calling
-Call Filter, Call Blocker, Message Blocker, SMS Blocker
-block calls and texts from people and companies you never want to hear from again

Block unwanted phone calls and text

Over a quarter million downloads!!

No more unwanted calls and texts and unwanted SMS messages! iTELea Call ,Text and SMS Blocker is the most effective call , text and SMS blocking application 
-Block unwanted calls using phone numbers
-Block unwanted texts 
-Block unwanted SMS
-Block unwanted texts using key words